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Within the 4th grade addition and subtraction verbal issues worksheet, all graders can research questions on the verbal issues associated to addition and subtraction. This observe sheet on addition and subtraction will be utilized by college students to get extra concepts for fixing the worksheet associated to addition and subtraction phrase issues.

one. What’s the sum of 40711 and 73412 and the distinction between 82731 and 37128?

2. Discover the quantity that’s:

(i) greater than 53172 64278

(ii) 53172 lower than 64278

(iii) 1872, greater than 23265

(iv) 1872, lower than 23265

3. discover the quantity exceeding

(i) 17319 to 1279 and

(ii) 23735 by 2035.

4. (i) What quantity have to be added to 25483 to get the sum of 65785?

(ii) What quantity have to be subtracted from 52847 to get 22489?

5. How a lot smaller is 63512 than 94291?

6. Which is greater, 42929 or 91429 and the way a lot?

7. (i) Discover the distinction of the 2 sums, 14581 + 18541 and 23427 + 23243.

(ii) Discover the sum of the 2 variations between 32309 – 23903 and 41724 – 31527.

8. A dairy produces 25,545 liters of milk daily. It delivers 15,625 liters of milk to a milk warehouse and the remainder to the market. How a lot milk is provided to the market?

9. The sum of the 2 numbers is 94506. One of many numbers is 49605. Discover the opposite quantity.

10. The sum of the 2 numbers is 45000. One of many numbers is 22500. Discover the opposite quantity. What a part of the entire is the given quantity?

17. Workforce A made 478 runs within the first inning and 345 within the second inning. Workforce B made 389 runs within the first inning and 472 runs within the second inning. Which workforce received the match and by what number of margins?

Reply: Workforce B, 38 runs

18. Jenny reads 324 pages of her e-book on Saturday and 259 pages on Sunday. The e-book is 876 pages. What number of extra pages does he must learn?

Reply: 293

19. There are 96 flowers in purple, yellow and white colours in a basket. If 21 flowers are purple and 46 flowers are yellow, what number of white flowers are there?

Reply: 29

20. Shyam has a month-to-month earnings of $8000 and a month-to-month expenditure of $4690. To search out out their month-to-month financial savings?

21. Rinku and Minku donated a complete of $2,894. If $1750 was donated to Rinku, learn how a lot Minku donated?

22. There are 7750 eggs in a store. Of those, 3478 eggs had been bought. What number of eggs are left now?

23. One manufacturing facility produced 7339 gentle bulbs. 4599 of those bulbs had been provided to sellers. What number of bulbs are left now?

24. There are 9000 college students in a faculty. If the variety of boys is 6325, discover the variety of ladies.

25. Mr. Bhanu ordered 7332 cups of ice cream for his occasion. By the top of the batch, there are 3588 glasses left. What number of glasses of ice cream did the visitors drink?

26. A farmer had 2250 sheep. He bought 1154 sheep. What number of sheep are left with you?

27. Vibhu ran 2145 meters and Shyam ran 1766 meters. What number of extra meters did Vibhu run compared?

28. A settee prices 3325 and a desk prices 1575. What’s the distinction between their prices?

29. There have been 4335 apples in a store. If 2,478 apples had been bought. What number of apples are left within the store?

30. An organization bought 5265 vehicles in January and 3468 vehicles in February. What number of vehicles did the corporate promote these months?

31. 5 employees needed to unload 3274 baggage from the truck. They emptied 1786 sacks by night. What number of baggage are left to empty?

If college students have any questions in regards to the worksheet questions associated to addition and subtraction phrase issues, please fill within the remark field under so we will help you. Nevertheless, solutions for additional enhancements in all features can be enormously appreciated.

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