Bandicoots can be trained to evade predators faster

Bandicoots can be trained to evade predators faster

After being captured and launched by researchers, seven species of Australian marsupials, together with bandicoots and bettongs, discovered to flee quicker the second time round.


February 13, 2023

Western-toed bandicoots had been almost worn out by cats and foxes on mainland Australia

Nathan Berkens

Weak Australian marsupials resembling bandicoots and bettongs usually fail to acknowledge hazard when confronted with invading predators – however with coaching they’ll study to flee quicker.

These native mammals haven’t tailored to the presence of launched predators resembling foxes or cats, so they could lack the intuition to flee. Species such because the golden bandicoot, the banded rabbit kangaroo, and others have survived solely on offshore islands with out cats and foxes. Others, for instance…

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