Bark beetles use the smell of mushrooms to select the best trees to invade.

Bark beetles use the smell of mushrooms to select the best trees to invade.

Fungal-infected bushes produce odors that entice bark beetles, which may enter the bark and devastate all the forest.


February 21, 2023

This little insect can do loads of injury to spruce bushes.

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Bark beetles can use receptors on their antennae to detect and feast on fungus-infested bushes.

Eurasian spruce bark beetle (ips typography) – present in elements of Europe, Asia and Africa – enters the bark of Norway spruce (Picea abies) the place it feeds and reproduces. In doing so, hundreds of bugs the dimensions of pine nuts can kill large swaths of forest.

Researchers already knew that bark beetles desire to assault bushes weakened by sure fungi, as a result of the fungi present bugs with protecting advantages from irritating microbes and parasites and might complement the insect’s weight loss program. “They get collectively and knock down large bushes,” he says. Jonathan Gershenzon on the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology in Germany.

However how the bugs sense their contaminated hosts was unknown. Gershenzon and Dineshkumar Kandasamy At Lund College in Sweden, he investigated this by figuring out compounds launched by spruce bushes. Grosmannia penicillata, a fungus discovered on bushes that just about all the time succumb to bark beetle. They discovered that the fungus types two primary chemical compounds: camphor and tujanol.

Subsequent, the researchers studied the bugs’ anatomy and located odor-sensing neurons of their antennae that may detect camphor and tujanol. After they give the bugs their wholesome or wholesome selections G. penicillata– contaminated spruce bark within the laboratory, all bugs have been extra drawn to fungus-damaged wooden. The presence of compounds produced by the fungus not solely attracted bugs, but in addition inspired them to tunnel into the bark.

Bugs weren’t drawn to wooden when the bark was contaminated with a kind of fungus that’s not useful to the insect and produces completely different chemical compounds. “Bugs have advanced to sense useful fungi and keep away from or ignore these that aren’t good for them,” says Kandasamy.

Extra in depth analysis into which fungi produce chemical compounds engaging to bugs may strengthen the examine, he says. Jiri Hulcr on the College of Florida. “We can not say that… G. penicillata is especially particular. Any member of the microbial soup rising inside a lifeless tree can have a pure perform.”

Researchers are optimistic that detecting bark beetle-attracting compounds may result in more practical baiting efforts. Presently, researchers are utilizing a cocktail of engaging pheromones to lure bugs right into a entice en masse, however the methodology “hasn’t been as profitable within the epidemic cycle that began within the final 10 years,” says Gershenzon. He hopes that including these fungal-related compounds to the traps may enhance their effectiveness.

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