Elephants can remember the smell of their relatives’ feces for 12 years

Elephants can remember the smell of their relatives' feces for 12 years

African elephants in captivity responded to the scent of kin they hadn’t seen for years by flapping their ears and making rumbling noises.


February 24, 2023

Two elephants reunite at Zoo Halle after a protracted separation

Dennis Muller

Elephants’ reminiscence is a matter of lore, and now they appear to have the ability to bear in mind the scent of a relative even after ten years.

When Franziska Horner Colleagues and colleagues on the College of Wuppertal in Germany took the possibility to check the elephants’ reminiscence after listening to that two mother-daughter {couples} had been scheduled to reunite at zoos in Germany. One couple had been separated for 2 years, whereas the opposite had been separated for 12 years.

Hörner collected…

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