Help create a global map of ocean microplastic pollution

Big Microplastic Survey. Layal?s Citizen Science Maker for 18th Feb. Photos from Layla's survey.

You possibly can contribute to the worldwide map of ocean microplastic air pollution by doing a scientific research at your native seashore, she says. Layal Liverpool


February 15, 2023

Konrad Werys

I’m visiting my hometown of The Hague on the west coast of the Netherlands and determined to take my household on a enjoyable journey to the seaside. After I say “enjoyable journey,” I imply, in fact, a sample-collecting journey for my newest scientific analysis effort: Major Microplastics Research.

This undertaking includes sampling sediment from 5 quadrants, every 1 sq. meter in dimension, alongside a 30-meter seashore and filtering to take away microplastic or mesoplastic fragments (plastic fragments 1 to five millimeters or 5 to 25 mm in diameter, respectively). . …

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