How can we explore quantum gravity without reconstructing space-time?

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MODERN physics has two tales to inform about our universe. The primary says it is principally made from space-time: a steady, versatile material that has ballooned for the reason that starting of time. The opposite says they’re principally made from indivisible issues that can’t determine the place they’re and even when.

Each tales are convincing, recounting what we noticed with unbelievable accuracy. However the greatest distinction is the size they’re utilized to. Albert Einstein’s basic principle of relativity, which describes gravity, area and time, governs very large objects and cosmic distances. Quantum physics, however, governs tiny, dwelling atoms and subatomic particles.

In any case, each tales can’t be true. Nowhere is that this extra evident than within the massive bang, the place every part within the universe was compressed into an especially small level. Right here you want a single principle overlaying gravity and the quantum realm. “The massive query is why are we right here,” he says. Toby Wiseman, a theorist at Imperial Faculty London. “It appears quantum gravity is the one reply.”

Sadly, regardless of many years of looking, we have now but to seek out a solution. Quantum gravity means the reconciliation of the everlasting and the indivisible, the predictable and the random. There are lots of concepts, however none can totally embody every part. “We’re nonetheless not higher off understanding the origins of area and time,” says Wiseman.

Most physicists who do this begin with quantum physics, essentially the most highly effective of which is quantum subject principle. It describes three of nature’s 4 forces – electromagnetism, the robust nuclear power, and the weak nuclear power – by “quantifying” them as force-carrying elementary particles. IT …

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