How understanding a form of broken heart syndrome can save lives

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Higher recognition and understanding of takotsubo syndrome, a lesser-known damaged coronary heart syndrome, could also be key to stopping sudden cardiac demise, she says. Sian Harding

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February 8, 2023

Simone Rotella

Is it actually potential to die of a damaged coronary heart? This query typically comes up within the press when somebody dies abruptly after a bereavement – for instance, Debbie Reynolds died the day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher.. The reply is sure, there’s robust proof to counsel that excessive and/or sudden emotional stress can have direct and damaging results on the guts.

Cardiac arrest is attributable to critical disturbances within the rhythm of the guts. It may be triggered by extremely annoying conditions corresponding to bereavement, giving rise to the time period damaged coronary heart syndrome. Like arguments and dramatic occasions…

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