Northern lights: the best photos of the aurorae taken in the UK

Northern lights: the best photos of the aurorae taken in the UK

The northern lights, or aurora borealis, usually happen close to the North Pole – however photo voltaic exercise has seen a lot of England placed on the spectacular nighttime spectacle.


February 28, 2023

Northern lights or aurora borealis over Fort William in Scotland on February 26

Andrew McGavin

The northern lights, or aurora borealis, are photographs of flashing inexperienced and purple lights within the night time sky, as seen on this picture taken from a vantage level overlooking the city of Fort William in western Scotland on February 26.

They’re produced when photo voltaic wind bursts — a stream of charged particles ejected from the solar’s outer layer — collide with Earth’s magnetic area. Whereas this area normally deflects most particles, it’s weaker across the poles, the place particles can penetrate the higher ambiance and crash into fuel molecules. These molecules acquire after which lose power within the type of mild particles, or photons, that launch tiny flashes of sunshine that mix to fill the sky with swirling patterns of shade.

Northern lights seen over Knowlton Church in Aurora Borealis, Dorset, UK 27 February 2023

The northern lights are seen over Knowlton Church in Dorset, England, on February 27


Over the previous few days, magnetic perturbations within the solar’s higher ambiance have triggered an enormous ejection of electrically charged particles in an occasion often called a coronal mass ejection. Particularly with a high-speed photo voltaic wind, the auroras reached locations like Anglesey in north Wales and Dorset within the south of England.

Northern lights, aurora borealis, seen over Hopeman Beach in Scotland on February 26, 2023

Northern lights seen over Hopeman Seashore in Scotland on February 26

Bradley Philpot/Story Image Company/Shutterstock

Within the far north of Scotland, maybe close to the seaside village of Hopeman, the place the breathtaking footage have been taken on February 26, tonight often is the final probability to see the northern lights brought on by the current coronal mass ejection. Nevertheless, the aurora is not going to be seen as far south because it has been in current days as a result of the solar’s exercise is reducing.

People watching the northern lights, aurora borealis, in central Stockholm, Sweden, February 27, 2023

Folks watching the northern lights in central Stockholm, Sweden on February 27

Ali Lorestani/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

Should you missed the final present, one of the best locations to search for the northern lights embody Stockholm in Sweden, the place these mesmerizing inexperienced auroras have been caught above town on February 27. Different good locations to see the auroral lights are Iceland, southern components of Greenland and northern components of Finland, Norway, Canada and Alaska.

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