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In revenue and loss, the exercise of shopping for one thing from one place and promoting it elsewhere is called enterprise.

Description I:

Sam is a store proprietor. He buys the next merchandise from a wholesale market on the following charges:


Water bottle


Pencil case

Lunch field



45 {dollars}

$ 10

25 {dollars}

30 {dollars}

5 {dollars}


60 {dollars}

25 {dollars}

35 {dollars}

55 {dollars}

8 {dollars}

The speed at which an article is bought is known as the Value Worth (CP)

The speed at which an article is bought is known as the Promoting Worth (SP).

Sam will get the water bottle for $45. It bought for $60.

Right here price value = $45

Sale value = $60

So incomes $60 – $40 = $20 extra

The additional cash earned by promoting an merchandise is known as revenue or achieve.

When Promoting Worth (SP) is bigger than Value Worth (CP), we’ve a revenue (Revenue).

Sam buys the pencil case for $25. The pencil case had some imperfections.

So, it bought for $20.

Right here Value Worth = $25

Sale Worth = $20

So the loss is $25 – $20 = $5

Cash misplaced by promoting an merchandise is known as Loss.

When Value Worth (CP) is increased than Promoting Worth (SP), we’ve a loss.

Revenue or Revenue = SP – CP = Promoting Worth – Value Worth

Loss = CP – SP = Value Worth – Promoting Worth

Description II:

Ron is a shopkeeper. He buys his items both straight from the manufacturing facility or from the vendor as a complete. It then tries to promote every good or merchandise at the next value to become profitable. If profitable, he makes or loses a revenue or achieve.

For instance:

one. If Ron buys the rice for $20 a kilo and sells it for $23 a kilo, he makes a revenue of $3. (ie 23 – 20 = 3)

Value value (CP) = $20,

Promoting value (SP) = $23

Revenue or Achieve = $20

2. If Ron buys rice for $20 a kilo and sells it for $18 a kilo, he’ll lose $2 (20 – 18 = 2)

Value value (CP) = $20,

Promoting value (SP) = $18

Loss = $2

From this we perceive that:

(i) It’s referred to as the value at which an individual buys his items. Value Worth (CP).

(ii) It’s referred to as the value at which a person sells his items. Promoting Worth (SP).

(iii) When SP is bigger than CP, the person is a Revenue or Achieve.

SP > CP → Revenue = SP – CP

(iv) When SP is lower than CP, man Loss.

SP > CP → Loss = CP – SP

For instance:

one. Ron purchased $2,000 value of rice and spent $200 to maneuver it to his store, $150 to scrub and $50 to pack.

Then whole CP = 2000 + 200 + 150 + 50 = $2400.

(v) Transport costs, labor costs, salaries and so forth. They’re referred to as Overheads and these are at all times added to the price value to get the overall CP.

Extra Examples of Revenue and Loss:

one. Ron got here house from college at 4 o’clock. Then his mom gave him a listing.

Sugar = 1 kg

Gentle bulbs = 2 pcs

Geometry field = 1

Ron goes to a provide retailer to purchase sweet.

A storehouse of rice, wheat, cleaning soap, oil, and so forth. sells.

He goes to an electrician to purchase a light-weight bulb.

{An electrical} store sells all electrical merchandise.

He goes to the stationery to purchase a geometry field.

A stationery store can retailer paper, pocket book, pens, pencils, bins, and so forth. sells.

An individual who sells items in massive portions is known as a wholesale vendor.

An individual who sells a small quantity of products is known as a proxy.

The retailer buys items from the wholesaler at a value. He places a bit of extra cash on every product and sells them to clients.

Value value (CP):

The value at which the retailer buys the merchandise is known as the Value value.

Promoting value (SP):

The value at which the retailer sells the merchandise is known as the Promoting value.

2. Suppose a retailer buys an merchandise for $250 and sells it for $285. Right here, $250 is known as the price value of the product, and $285 is known as the promoting value of the product.

On this case, it’s referred to as revenue as a result of the promoting value is increased than the price value.

The distinction between the promoting value and the price value is known as revenue or achieve.

SP – CP = Achieve

SP = CP + Achieve

CP = SP – Achieve

3. Ashley bought the IV commonplace Calculus textual content for $50 final 12 months. After studying it, he gave it to his buddy for $25.

Right here, $50 is the price value, and $25 is the promoting value.

On this case, for the reason that price value is greater than the promoting value, the distinction between the promoting value and the price value is known as a loss.

CP – SP = Misplaced

CP = SP + Misplaced

SP = CP – Misplaced

4. Ron purchased a grinder for $1500. It bought for $1000. What’s the achieve or loss?

Value value of a grinder (CP) = $1500

The promoting value of the shredder (SP) = $1000

Since price value > promoting value; loss = price value – promoting value

= 1500 – 1000 {dollars}

= $500

Subsequently, loss = $500.

5. Kate bought her cow for $3200. If he gained $290, discover his price value.

Cow promoting value (SP) = $3200

Earnings = $290

Value value of cow (CP) = promoting value – revenue

= 3200 – $290

= 2910 {dollars}

Subsequently, CP = $2910.

6. A person purchased a settee set for 8250 TL. He bought it at a lack of 500 TL. Discover the promoting value.

Couch set price (CP) = $8250

Loss = $500

Couch set promoting value (SP) = price value – loss

= 8250 – $500

= 7750 {dollars}

Subsequently, SP = $7750

7. Amy purchased a look ahead to a certain quantity and bought it for $870. If it was bought at a lack of $125, what wouldn’t it price?

The promoting value of the watch (SP) = $870

Misplaced = $125

Value value of the watch (CP) = promoting value + loss

= $870 + 125

= 995 {dollars}

Revenue and Loss Questions and Solutions:

I. Fill within the desk:





To win




















II. Full the desk:

























III. Revenue and Loss Phrase Issues Worksheet:

Remedy the next issues:

one. A tradesman purchased an merchandise for 250 TL and bought it for 300 TL. Discover your earnings.

2. Ron purchased a two-wheeled car for $19200 and bought it at a lack of $1500. Discover the sale value.

3. A farmer earned $350 by promoting a goat for $3200. What’s the price value?

4. An merchandise was purchased for $5565 and bought for $5220. Discover the injury.

5. One particular person bought his home for $75000 and misplaced $15000. Discover the price value.

6. A service provider purchased an merchandise for $1275. He earned $350 by promoting it. What’s the promoting value?

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