Quantum computing: ‘Fluxonium’ is the longest-lived superconducting qubit ever

Quantum computing: Superconductor 'fluxonium' is longest-lived qubit ever

Fluxonium qubits may make quantum computer systems extra helpful

Bartlomiej Ok. Wroblewski/Alamy

A superconducting qubit, or quantum bit, has set a document for the way lengthy it may well retain its quantum properties. Extending this era will make future quantum computer systems extra helpful.

Step one in constructing a quantum pc is selecting methods to make its primary parts, referred to as qubits. A preferred alternative supported by analysis labs and trade gamers like IBM and Google is the transmon superconducting qubit. Nevertheless, like all qubits, they will develop into ineffective in storing and processing data after some time.

Article amended on 25 Could 2023

We have clarified that fluxonium is the longest-lived of the superconducting qubits.

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