Science fiction writer Lavie Tidhar: Using Midjourney to explore the ethics of AI

Science fiction writer Lavie Tidhar: Using Midjourney to explore the ethics of AI

Award-winning science fiction creator Lavie Tidhar is a busy man. amongst his personal writing and enhancing initiatives, together with World’s Best SF anthologies, working with animator Nir Yaniv in science fiction movie collection by way of their corporations positronto include Mars MachinesAbout “A toaster and a espresso pot on Mars” and movie noir Loontown. However when Yaniv approached him about one other challenge creating one thing utilizing the factitious intelligence rendering program Midjourney, he mentioned sure with a couple of situations.

Conclusion, Welcome to Your Synthetic Intelligence Future! – watch under – is a disturbingly surreal brief movie set in a future the place the world is destroyed, however the place a human is discovered by an apparently well-meaning synthetic intelligence and is prepared to assist – to one of the best of it. out of your capability.

Alison Flood: Who got here up with the thought in your newest challenge?

Lavie Tidhar: It began as a result of I had a recreation designer good friend and he began telling me about Midjourney with nice enthusiasm. I assumed it was nice and informed Nir to go and play with it. We have been very conscious of the continued moral debates however had no intention of doing something about it.

Then Nir referred to as me. And he mentioned if we might do one thing like La JeteeFrench sci-fi film of the 60’s, constituted of single photos, which could be slightly fascinating. plot La Jetee includes a person touring by way of time from a post-apocalyptic Paris to the current 12 Monkeys. We simply preferred the technical facet: are you able to inform a cinematic story utilizing solely nonetheless photos?

My first response was no. Then I assumed, what if we used AI instruments to make a film about AI – that makes it fascinating! I got here residence and began writing. It is mainly a futuristic synthetic intelligence attempting to speak to the final human alive. My different observe is that if we do that, we have now to make it possible for the narration can be performed by synthetic intelligence. The sound consists of two synthetic intelligence-generated female and male voices mixed into a really disturbing sound.

So every picture is the results of Nir asking Midjourney to seek out one thing associated to a chunk of the story, so it labored?

Sure. I needed to write instructions to the capturing script. What sort of photos, what sort of emotion ought to they evoke. Nir then sat for 3 days and produced 1000s of photos. I do not understand how you did not go loopy. Most of it was really about pushing the AI ​​into the correct place. I believe Nir used himself as a seed picture for some photos for man.

We have been actually leaning in direction of the “uncanny valley” facet of it. So each picture is in some way incorrect. My favourite half is I wrote about these bunnies the place the AI ​​tries to calm the human by displaying footage of bunnies. And that is very annoying! The concept is that the AI ​​tries its greatest, however by no means will get every part fairly proper.

The rabbit depicted within the sci-fi film: Welcome to Your AI Future

Nir Yaniv

What are your issues about AI? As a author, are you apprehensive that it’ll encroach in your territory?

These synthetic intelligence methods lack creativity. They should be pushed to do one thing, they cannot provide you with something new. I am not apprehensive about every other author on the planet, I am not continuously apprehensive about being in competitors with 8 billion individuals who could be higher at writing than I’m, as a result of all you may usher in any style is you, the essence of artwork. Right here is that distinctive perspective. And these vehicles do not have that.

There are official issues about corporations utilizing synthetic intelligence as a substitute of human artists to avoid wasting prices. However from a inventive standpoint, it is nothing greater than a instrument we had to make use of and we needed to actually work with it to attempt to get the impact we would have liked.

Do you’ve gotten plans for different related initiatives with Midjourney?

No – however I believe it was enjoyable to play. I assumed the consequence was actually fascinating and we wished to affix the dialog straight away because it progressed so quick.

In case you may be changed by a machine, there may be concern that you’ll be changed by a machine. However folks mentioned the identical factor in regards to the digital camera. They mentioned the identical about Photoshop, and we nonetheless want artists and we nonetheless want folks to deliver this distinctive perspective.

It’ll take some getting used to, however we’re nowhere close to the precise normal AI we have now within the film. I simply – and I see this from AI scientists too – wished to speak about the concept AI goes to take over the world and destroy humanity. This seems to be to me like a sci-fi model of the long run Nineteen Seventies catastrophe film. If something, any AI that evolves shall be closely depending on people.

So I wished to speak about the concept AI is simply attempting to assist and possibly misunderstand it badly. The movie doesn’t counsel that AI brought about the destruction of the planet. It was people who did it, and the AI ​​misses them.


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