Strange quantum effect observed in unusually large object

Quantum entanglement. Conceptual artwork of a pair of entangled quantum particles or events (left and right) interacting at a distance. Quantum entanglement is one of the consequences of quantum theory. Two particles will appear to be linked across space and time, with changes to one of the particles (such as an observation or measurement) affecting the other one. This instantaneous effect appears to be independent of both space and time, meaning that, in the quantum realm, effect may precede cause.

Idea picture of a pair of entangled particles

Victor de Schwanberg/Science Photograph Library

A quantum property related to tiny objects was discovered to persist in an experiment with greater than a thousand atoms. This may help us perceive the place the boundary between the quantum world and the macroscopic world lies – if there may be such a boundary.

The property of an object in query is twofold: first, its bodily properties rely on whether or not it’s measured, and second, it may be affected by one other object with none recognized sign alternate over lengthy distances. …

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