The secret corridor in Egypt’s Great Pyramid mapped to cosmic rays

The secret corridor in Egypt's Great Pyramid mapped to cosmic rays

The Nice Pyramid at Giza, Egypt now has a secret hall mapped utilizing cosmic rays.

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A beforehand hidden hall buried deep inside the 4,500-year-old Nice Pyramid of Giza in Egypt has been mapped intimately for the primary time, and the researchers additionally took a glance inside utilizing an endoscopic digital camera.

The hall was first found in 2016, however the researchers didn’t wish to injury the monument to realize entry. The pyramid is the one surviving construction of the seven wonders of the traditional world, and for a millennium it was the tallest man-made construction on the earth at 146 meters. It was constructed round 2560 BC throughout the reign of Pharaoh Khufu.

Utilizing a way known as cosmic ray muon radiography developed by lecturers at Nagoya College in Japan, a world analysis crew was in a position to affirm that the hall is 9 meters lengthy and has a cross-section of about 2 meters by 2 meters.

Cosmic ray muon radiography screens the extent of muons passing by means of the pyramid. These particles are a pure type of radiation from cosmic rays and are continually bombarding the Earth’s floor. Within the approach, researchers use muon detectors positioned at varied factors across the monument. Muons are partially absorbed by the stone used to construct the pyramids, which suggests the tactic permits researchers to determine voids inside the construction.

This method has been used to map the interior buildings of the pyramids. since 1971when used for the primary time in Giza.

Known corridors and chambers inside the Great Pyramid

Recognized corridors and chambers contained in the Nice Pyramid. The key hall is positioned close to the so-called north face chevrons space (labeled h).

Procureur et al. Nature Communication

Utilizing the exact map of the hall, the researchers recognized a chance. “We seen it was very near the floor the place endoscopy was attainable,” he says. S├ębastien Procureur on the College of Paris-Saclay in France.

To get the primary view of the hallway for millennia, they positioned a small digital camera just like these utilized in medical procedures.

“We knew the void was there, however once you see it, in fact it is utterly completely different,” says Procureur. “We felt bizarre once we noticed that.”

Nonetheless, the Procureur was content material with one factor. “Controversial opinion, however I used to be relieved that the house was empty. I would not wish to attend the opening of a tomb.”


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