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Right here we’ll remedy some phrase issues associated to addition and subtraction in 4-digit numbers. We are going to apply the identical technique for addition and subtraction in phrase issues.

one. 2520 males and 1840 ladies reside in a village. What’s the inhabitants of the village?


Variety of males within the village = 2520

Variety of ladies within the village = 1840

Accordingly, the full inhabitants of the village = 2520 + 1840

= 4360

2. There are 3210 books on Science, 1028 books on Arithmetic and 565 books on English literature in a library. What number of books are within the library?


Variety of books on science = 3210

Variety of books on arithmetic = 1028

Variety of books on English literature = 565

Accordingly, the full variety of books within the library = 3210 + 1028 + 565

= 4803

3. There are 5650 sacks of wheat in a barn. 2320 baggage have been put into distribution. What number of left?

Complete variety of wheat baggage in a bag = 5650

Variety of sacks of wheat for distribution = 2320

Variety of remaining wheat baggage = 5650 – 2320

= 3330

4. There are 4000 kids in a faculty. If 1268 are women, what number of are boys?

Complete variety of kids in a faculty = 4000

Variety of women = 1268

Variety of boys = 4000 – 1268

= 2732

5. In take a look at cricket, Raghav scored 2,468 runs within the first 4 years, 4552 runs within the subsequent 4 years, and 2675 runs within the subsequent 4 years. What number of laps did Ron do in whole?

Answer: pearl H T HE

1 1 1

Runs scored within the first 4 years. 2 4 6 8

Runs over the following 4 years + 4 5 5 2

Runs scored within the different 4 years. + 2 6 7 5

Complete variety of runs 9 6 9 5

Thus, Ron made a complete of 9,695 laps.

Questions and Solutions on Addition and Subtraction in 4-Digit Numbers:

one. 4357 males, 3256 ladies and 1573 kids reside in a village. What’s the inhabitants of the village?

Reply: 9186

2. The inhabitants of a village is 4875. The variety of males on this village is 2632. What number of ladies within the village?

Reply: 2243

3. There are 2345 cows, 2468 buffaloes and 5206 goats in a dairy. What number of cattle are within the dairy?

Reply: 10019

4. A DVD participant prices $4875, and a music system prices $2423. Which one is extra and the way a lot does it price?

Reply: 2452

5. A grocery retailer has 3407 apples, 3893 mangoes and 2284 guava. What number of fruits do you’ve gotten in your store?

Reply: 9584

6. A fruit vendor had 5645 mangoes. If 2330 mangoes have been offered, what number of mangoes do you’ve gotten left?

Reply: 3315

7. In a single election, Ray acquired 2760 votes, Ken 3367 votes, and Jen 2146 votes, 23 votes disqualified. What number of votes have been solid in whole?

Reply: 8250

8. There are 3867 college students in a faculty. If 1250 are boys Then, what number of women are there?

Reply: 2617

9. A lightweight bulb manufacturing facility produced 2735, 3259 and 1223 mild bulbs in three days, respectively. Discover the full variety of mild bulbs produced nowadays?

Reply: 7217

10. There have been 4425 bottles of chilly drinks in a field. If 3312 bottles have been offered. What number of bottles are left in Goddown?

Reply: 1113

eleventh. On Kate’s admission to highschool, her father spent $2,758 in tuition, $1367 on books and $975 on faculty uniforms. How a lot did he spend in whole?

Reply: 5100

12. Amy wants $9745 to purchase a gold chain. He has 4321 {dollars} with him. How way more does he want?

Reply: 5424

13. The entire variety of college students within the major, center and senior years of a faculty is 5028, 2397 and 1845, respectively. What’s the whole energy of the varsity?

Reply: 9270

14. An Categorical has 825 reserved beds in bedded class, 195 in AC 3-tier, 96 in AC 2-tier, and 22 reserved beds in AC 1st class. Discover the full reserved berths on this prepare.

Reply: 1138

15. A males’s retailer has 2576 pants, 3489 shirts, 2876 T-shirts and 938 denims. What number of garments are within the retailer?

Reply: 9879

16. Gross sales of an electronics retailer in January – 1483 fridges, 1576 washing machines and three,457 mixers, 2846 toasters. Discover the full gross sales of the units.

Reply: 9362

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