Word Problems with Multiplication by a 1-Digit Number

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We are going to learn to remedy phrase issues associated to multiplication with 1-digit numbers. Right here, we’ll apply the identical course of after we multiply the 2-digit quantity by the 1-digit quantity and the 3-digit quantity by the 1-digit quantity.

one. There are 34 pencils in a pack. What number of pencils are in 2 such packs?

2. A matchbox incorporates 65 sticks. What number of sticks does 3 such matchboxes include?

3. A field incorporates 72 mangoes. What number of mangoes are in 7 containers?

4. A pocket book has 144 pages. What number of pages are in 4 notebooks?

5. There are 145 apples in a basket. What number of apples are in 5 such baskets?

6. A desk prices $385. How a lot does it price to purchase 4 such tables?

7. One necklace incorporates 325 beads. What number of beads do 3 such necklaces include?

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